Here at Peak RSG Services, we understand that social, technological and environmental trends are ever-evolving. To address these changes, we continually strive to align our business strategies with corporate social and sustainable responsibility.

To that end, we are committed to implementing sustainable practices and policies into all aspects of our business, reducing our environmental footprint, investing in our people and giving back to the community.

The initiative outlined below is a long-term strategy that is always evolving. We will continue to add new commitments, assess existing frameworks and look for opportunities that positively impact and adapt to the rapidly-changing world around us.


At Peak, we continuously look for and adopt sustainable practices to reduce our environmental footprint. It is part of our commitment to implement these practices into our entire value chain.

Material Use
In efforts to achieve sustainable development, we endorse and promote products that have a low environmental impact and reduce waste in landfills.

We see hundreds, if not thousands of homeowners lose their roofs to wind and hail damage each year.  When applicable, we encourage our customers to choose roofing shingles and sidings with a high impact resistance rating.

These products offer long-term protection with the ability to withstand strong wind and hail damage. More importantly, they can help prevent premature roof replacement year after year, reducing waste in the long run.

Recycling Initiatives
We have a few recycling initiatives in place. One of which is working with construction recycling companies in an effort to reduce landfill waste.

We also have a detailed and documented internal recycling program. This program outlines that all Peak offices must be equipped with centralized recycling stations. These recycling stations are used to dispose of paper, cans, food scraps and other waste items that can be diverted from landfills.

All Peak offices are working toward being 100% paperless (about 90% moving into 2021). Here are a few steps we are taking to reduce how much paper is used or wasted in the office:

  • Encourage employees to view, edit and proof documents on their computer or mobile device
  • Printing on recycled paper (unless it’s a formal document)
  • All company announcements and other internal communications are sent through email or chat-based collaboration platforms

Energy Conservation

Our focus on innovation and technology allows our team at Peak to instantly share data from the field, reducing or eliminating extra driving time. This lowers our overall fuel consumption and ultimately reducing carbon emissions.

In 2020, Peak has eliminated all non-essential travel, significantly reducing our carbon footprint. Peak has also developed and implemented proprietary mobile applications, minimizing the need to continuously travel to the offices.

The Peak field team is routed by our routing desk each night. This is to reduce driving time maximize fuel efficiency.

Performance & KPIs
Internal reporting is circulated daily to assure all stated benchmarks are being followed and achieved. These benchmarks are used to continuously seek ways of improving efficiency while reducing our impact on the environment.


At Peak our people are our greatest asset. We understand that a company with the best planning and the most amazing processes will not succeed without the best people.

This is why, at Peak, we heavily invest in our people. Peak takes great efforts to attract and hire people with principles that align with the Peak Mission Statement, people who are hungry to meet and exceed all customer expectations.

Peak RSG Services specializes in exterior catastrophic losses. We understand these losses can be a stressful time for the policyholder and the insurance adjuster. We understand our performance and the decisions we make have a significant impact on many.

This can also be very stressful for the Peak team.

Here at Peak, we recognize this and take great efforts in balancing and reducing any potential stress. Managers are trained to follow up with all team members and check in on their well-being.

Health & Safety
Peak has a very engaged HR team that work very closely with all staff members. Peak offers a comprehensive benefits program that includes dental, extended health coverage, life insurance, national gym membership discounts as well as access to an independently-run employee assistance program.

At Peak, there is nothing more important than maintaining the health and safety of our valuable team and our valued customers. Safety is always front of mind and is a daily conversation.

All members of our team go through annual safety training and Peak is continuously looking for ways to improve health and safety at the workplace.

We embrace and adopt new technology at Peak that can help us get the job done safely and more efficiently. Peak is one of the first companies to introduce drones into our inspection program. Drones are a safe alternative to accessing damaged areas of a home that may be less safe to access traditionally – with a ladder, for example.

Employee Engagement Surveys
Peak conducts an annual employment engagement survey along with employee reviews. The details gathered from these surveys are compiled and either addressed or actioned. The feedback from our valued employees matter.


Giving Back
Peak contributes a large sum to charity every year. The Peak Group of Companies President, John Gross, sits on the advisory committee for The Home Depot Foundation. And he has been a part of the advisory committee for many years. Giving back to our communities is and has always been a high priority for Peak.

Our Involvement
Peak RSG Services has a particular interest in global climate changes and the impact it has on weather patterns and storm severity. Peak is an Industry Partner with CatIQ, who provided detailed analytical and meteorological information on Canadian natural and human-made catastrophes. Our partnership allows us to continually study and learn to help make a better tomorrow.